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    1. A quick introduction and outline of our objectives in this course.

    1. Meet Michael Jenkins, the Estate Planning Attorney who will be presenting to you!

    1. Let's talk about what an estate plan is exactly and cut through the confusion.

    2. Check your knowledge

    1. Learn about Probate, why you want to avoid it, and what an estate plan can do for you and your family.

    2. Check your knowledge

    1. Do you need a Trust, a Will, or both? Learn the difference and what should be part of your estate plan.

    2. Check your knowledge

    1. What are powers of attorney, what do they do, and which type should be a part of your estate plan?

    2. Check your knowledge

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    No! There's no gatekeeping in this course. If you're left with questions at the end, Tell Us! We'll create some more content to answer those questions and build the course further.

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    No! You will never receive a spam sales email from us and we will not share your email with anyone. Our aim is only to provide educational content to you to assist in learning the basics of estate planning and how to get a plan in place. Where you decide to create your plan is entirely up to you, but you will never receive sales pressure from us along the way.

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